The work of stewards is very important on every cat show, and is the part crucial for all the elements of the show machine, from the judges, through the exhibitors, to the secretariat. Not only do the stewards keep order on the judges' tables and take care of the proper disinfection of the cages at the judges' ring, but knowing the show rules, they also make sure that the judge does not have to wait for the cats, has all the bigger groups of cats arranged in advance, and fluently pass the judges' reports and other necessary documentation to the secretariat. It is a good steward who is responsible for a nice and calm atmosphere at the judge's table, for both the judge and the exhibitor.

Those who would like to work as stewards at the World Show 2011 should already have some experience in stewarding, gained at other FIFe International Cat shows. Stewards at World Shows work under a huge pressure caused by many factors, and their job is more stressful than on regular shows, which is connected not only with a greater number of cats and exhibitors, but also a very special prestige of the competition itself. Stewards have to be prepared to present cats of different breeds, to show every cat in the best possible way, they have to know the rules of judging cats on FIFe shows and be able to provide the basic information about awarded titles and certificates, as well as about the BiS nominations. While the Best in Show panel, the stewards have to follow the commands of the chief steward quickly and accurately. At the World Show it is essential for the steward to speak fluently at least one of the official FIFe languages.

Stewards working at the World Show 2011 will be granted one meal a day, plus soft drinks, tea and coffee. They will also be paid 40 Euros.

We kindly invite all those who would like to work at the World Show 2011 in Poznań. The application forms should be sent directly to the chief steward, Marzena Włodarska, who will also answer all additional questions. The closing date for the applications is 1 September 2011 (01.09.2011).

The email address of the chief steward, Marzena Włodarska:
Steward application form: .doc / .pdf