How to get there

By car

Poznań is located at the crossroads of important international routes: E-30 - Berlin-Warsaw-Moscow and E-261 - Gdańsk-Wrocław-Prague. The nearest places to cross the Polish-German border are: Kostrzyń-Kietz, Słubice-Frankfurt/O., Świecko-Frankfurt/O.

By train

Poznań is a crucial railway junction and all trains going between Moscow and Western Europe stop here. Trains to Berlin or Warszawa take approximately 3 hours in either direction. Central Railway Station (Dworzec Główny PKP) is situated very close to show place (140 m in a straight line). Route Planner

By plane

From Poznań Ławica Airport, you can catch regular flights to Copenhagen, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Hannover, Koeln, Munich, Warszawa, Zurich.
The airport is situated only 7 km from the city centre and in easily accessible by public bus:

  • Fast line “L” (approx. every 45 minutes):
    Port Lotniczy Ławica (Airport) → Dworzec Główny (Central Railway Station) + 6 min walk (350 m)
  • Line 59 (approx. every 25-30 minutes):
    Port Lotniczy Ławica (Airport) → Bałtyk (Rondo Kaponiera) + 14 min walk (790 m)

Read more about public transport in Poznań and check connections on the map.