About the show

The World Cat Shows - FIFe

The World Cat Shows organized under the auspices of FIFe are the biggest felinological events in the world.

The first World Cat Show was held in 1990 in Munich, Germany. Since then every year one of the FIFe members has taken over in hosting this prestigious show. Poland already had the honour to organize the WS in 1998, also in Poznań at the time. This year the honour belongs to Polska Federacja Felinologiczna "Felis Polonia". In 2012 the World Show will be held in Croatia.

Only cats registered in FIFe and possessing appropriate qualifications can take part in this special and unique show. It is a two-day exhibition. During the first day of the show the cats are individually judged and nominated to Best in Show (BiS). The cats winning Best in Show get also the title of the World Winner, which is marked in the cat's pedigree with the reference to the year of the show (WW*2011). House cats (HSC/HCL) can also enter the World Show, and the winners are also awarded the World Winner title.

In addition to a regular cat contest, we are also planning a lot of attractive competitions for exhibitors and the audience, as well as art performances. Among the stands with animal equipment, there will be stalls with works of art, exhibitions of photographs, paintings and sculpture. The youngest cat lovers will find plenty of play corners with funny competitions, and an occasion to get a fantastic cat-like make-up.

Undoubtedly, the biggest attraction of the World Show are the cats themselves. We hope to see the most beautiful cats from all over the world, but it is no surprise we count on Polish cats most of all. The dream is that the Polish group of World Winners will be accompanied by many new Polish cats registered in "Felis Polonia"!

The unique atmosphere of the World Show, in addition to the possibility of meeting the best and recognized cat breeders in the world, coming in close contact with the most beautiful and gorgeous cats of different breeds, the fantastic atmosphere of supporting your favourites during the Best in Show finals, all these make it an unrepeatable and unforgettable experience for all exhibitors, visitors, and judges. There is no excuse for missing the World Sow for any animal lover, and a cat lover especially.

Welcome to the Show!