Rules & conditions

  1. All FIFe rules are valid and applicable.
  2. Judges decisions are final and cannot be protested.
  3. Exhibitors are responsible for the health and behavior of their cats at all times.
  4. Exhibitors or persons authorized by them may present the cats to the judges themselves but the steward will always be at your disposition.
  5. For BIS cats are presented only by stewards.
  6. Cats must be in decorated cages until the exhibition is officially closed.
  7. Cancellations of cats will only be accepted in writing from the person who entered the cat till the closing date for entries.
  8. House cats must be neutered.
  9. Show cages - size : 60cm lenght x 60cm width x 65cm height or 70cm lenght x 70cm width x 70cm height. Cages haven't got a full bottom, only grid. Double cage for one cat is available for an additional extra fee 50 euro or 200,- PLN.
    It is not possible to use the own cage.
  10. The organizers provide chairs for exhibitors.

Qualifications for the World Show

Only cats of fully recognized breeds and house cats belonging to individual FIFe members can qualify for and may compete at the World Show. Participation in the World Show is only possible for cats which have achieved the following qualification in the thirteen months prior to the show:

Kittens (class 12):

Addition for class 12 (3-6 months): Kittens 3-6 months may participate in class 12 at the World Show, if they have achieved at least 1 x Excellent 1. This qualification is valid only in class 12.

Juniors (class 11):

Adults (classes 1 – 10):

House cats (class 14):

The qualification for the World Show is checked and confirmed by the National Federation or Club where the exhibitor holds his membership.